Debt of Bones by Terry Goodkind

By Source, Fair Use
By Source, Fair Use

Debt of Bones by Terry Goodkind is a short, easy read that is very enjoyable for fans of the Sword of Truth Series.  This is a fun way to explore the history of the First Wizard during his rise to power as he seeks to repay the debt of an ancestor while ending the war against the Dhara. This installment is a quick glimpse into the backstory that Goodkind has in mind for his audience.

New York, Washington DC, and MD

Over this week, I was able to make a trip to NYC, Washington DC, and Maryland for an exciting series of hellos and goodbyes to some friends and family.

My adventure started with Josh and Cyrus (now known as Whisper and Speedy) as we departed on an overnight bus from South Carolina to New York City, a roughly 750 mile and 14 hour journey riddled with paranoid intoxicated passengers, numerous uncomfortable sleeping positions, and a climate so cold it could have frozen a polar bear solid. Regardless of what our new friend Anthony thought about the driver’s choice to tailgate or take a path that resembled a bumper-ed bowling ball at a child’s 5th birthday party, we made it safe and sound.

The three of us proceeded to spend the day together purchasing a few final things for their upcoming trek at REI, exploring the Metropolitan Museum of Art (which we so large that it made us feel like we were skipping and skimming everything quicker than the kid who forgot his reading quiz was today on the 300 page book he didn’t read), listening to live jazz in central park, and exploring Times Square. I was excited that they chose to spend the day with me before they continued on to Maine the next day to start their next adventure: Hiking the Appalachian Trail. You, like myself, can follow their adventure on their blog where they will post their adventure and have a link to a shared folder of uploaded pictures: (which I like to vocalize as JC on THEAT) They have my thoughts for their constant safety and wellness, but I fully trust them to be adequately (mostly) prepared.

I was lucky enough to spend a few more days in NYC with a friend who just started her doctorate at Cornell. After saying my farewell to Josh and Cyrus (admittedly fighting back weird condensation formations around my eyes at the fact that I won’t seem two of my best friends for a significant amount of time), I began to explore NYC on my own. I headed downtown and got to see Wall Street, the iconic bull, battery park, the Ground Zero memorial, and then headed up for a peaceful afternoon in Riverside Park and Central park before meeting Wola for dinner and taking the Staten Island Ferry past the Statue of Liberty that night.

The next morning, we fought the NY metro — got on the wrong direction, changed platforms, and then unknowingly got on a train headed the same direction — before purchasing the last two tickets to the sold out 2pm showing of Wicked, my first ever Broadway show. I’m not a huge musical fan — the idea of a sing-song storytelling method doesn’t appeal to me — but I really enjoyed Wicked. It was a well performed and put together show from the score, the art, and the casting — it surpassed my expectations and I thoroughly enjoyed it. We ended our day by visiting Grand Central Station, walking across the Brooklyn Bridge and getting late night pizza.

After a great three days, I had to end my first visit and take a bus to Washington DC where I’d meet my family out in Maryland. I read most of the way and was able to finish the book I was reading on my tablet. I had a wonderful visit with my family — a much slower pace, but everything I wanted that trip to be. I ate and drank while sharing stories of my adventures over the last few years while listening to all the new stories about the new additions to the family. We watched Donald Trump run his mouth at a million miles an hour and dig himself a political hole. I got to spend time with my cousin and his family, spending time at a cookout with them where we swam and ate food.

I was able to meet my friend from school in Washington DC for a day. Kevin showed me all of the coolest things at the Air and Space museum before we walked around the National Mall, played pool at the underground “Rocket Bar”, and got ourselves a little carried away on one too many cocktails at “the Brick and Mortar” bar watching Olympic Soccer (By the way, I give Brick and Mortar a glowing endorsement — a fantastic atmosphere with great drinks and bartenders).

Unfortunately, my exciting week trip had to come to an end with a long bus ride from DC to SC, where I arrived at 4am.